Organise and publish all your consultations easily

Used for more than 35,000 consultations, Citizen Space is easy-to-use and engaging for citizens.

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Citizen Space has transformed the way we are able to engage.

Peter Bradley, Head of Consultation, Transport For London
  • Manage all your consultation and engagement

    One place lists everything. You can keep track of what you're doing. Citizens can find ways to participate easily.

  • Multiple ways to consult

    Use the elegant built-in survey tool, connect to other digital consultation tools, and provide information about events and other ways to participate.

  • Simple to administer

    User-friendly. Admin dashboards keep track of activities and performance. Dedicated account management.

  • Trusted by government around the world

    Has been used for more than 35,000 consultations, from consulting on huge questions like the independence of a nation through to tiny-but-important decisions affecting local residents and service users.

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Used by more than 150 organisations around the world, from small councils to national governments.

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A great tool supported by a very proactive and knowledgeable team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Maciej Alexander, Performance and Information Officer, Clackmannanshire Council, UK

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