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Engage the public with your climate change response

Rapid climate change affects every human being on the planet. It will be a major factor in public policy-making across all areas of life for years to come.

As organisations weigh up climate decisions – from national energy strategies to local woodland management – it's vital they undertake sustained engagement with citizens and stakeholders.

Set the scene

Help people understand the climate context that shapes your proposals

Invite input

Everyone has a stake in climate decisions – so ask for feedback often

Hear responses

Incorporate respondents' feedback into your decision-making process

Close the loop

Bring people with you through the process by sharing updates

Citizen Space is a powerful digital platform for public engagement on issues like climate change. Request a demo to find out more.

What does climate engagement look like in practice?

Engaging citizens on climate issues means bringing the public into the deliberation process with you – on every choice you have to make in response to rapid climate change.

Those choices could look like a plan for the radical reorientation of economic priorities a sustainable ecosystem. Or they could mean the introduction of new food waste bins. While the issues can vary widely, the engagement process will often follow a common format:

  • outline the decision under consideration
  • explain the context, and reasoning behind your proposal
  • invite public input
  • analyse the responses you receive
  • incorporate that feedback into the next stage of your deliberation

Next-generation tools to modernise the process

Citizen Space is a powerful, user-friendly platform that public sector bodies worldwide use week-in, week-out to engage stakeholders with their response to climate issues.

People use Citizen Space to make their public engagement activity quicker, smoother, more attractive and accessible.

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Achieving our ambitious climate targets will require significant levels of renewable deployment. Making sure we have the right policy framework to support this deployment will be crucial to delivering net zero.

UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – one of our customers who have run 100+ climate consultation exercises on Citizen Space

Consulting on Climate Action Plans
Camden Council, UK

Citizens' Assemblies and beyond

In 2019, Camden Council began work on an ambitious five-year Climate Action Plan. Crucially, this was done in consultation with citizens – through a wide-reaching programme of engagement, including a dedicated Citizens' Assembly and formal online survey.

When getting public input on the climate crisis, Camden wanted to ensure they had both depth of engagement and breadth of reach. They wanted to combine quantitative and qualitative methods, and to have a multi-stage process – moving from initial idea-gathering towards detailed policy review.

So they began by convening the UK’s first Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis.

A collaborative Climate Action Plan

Following meetings and recommendations of the Assembly, the Council then produced a draft of a proposed Climate Action Plan. The document was made publicly available and opened up for review and comment via an online consultation – run on Citizen Space.

At a Cabinet meeting, three months from the closure of the consultation, Camden's Cabinet reviewed and approved the Climate Action Plan: 'a five-year programme of projects and activities that brings to life a vision of a zero carbon borough' – created in collaboration with the people and organisations of Camden.

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We have turned the citizens’ proposals into borough-wide policies and community-led action in this Climate Action Plan. This Action Plan represents the culmination of this work, and defines the first of two five year plans for how we will move towards zero carbon and address the crisis.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

Clear, transparent process

Effective public engagement on climate issues depends on people being able to trust what you're doing and seeing how their input can make a difference.

Easy to find

Run all your activity in one place so people can stay informed.

Transparency built-in

Publish responses. Keep everything out in the open.

Clear feedback

Share updates on the process with 'We Asked, You Said, We Did'.

Public input on climate strategies
Climate Change Commission, New Zealand

A 'wide systems' approach

He Pou a Rangi, or the Climate Change Commission, is an independent body that ‘provides independent, evidence-based advice on climate change issues to Aotearoa’s [New Zealand’s] government of the day.’

Genuine public engagement is integral to their work – because, in their words: 'we are committed to a fair and equitable transition…for current and future generations. We take a wide systems view so we understand what our advice means for our people, our environment, our land and our economy. Because of this, it is important that our draft advice is informed by a range of different perspectives from across Aotearoa.'

He Pou a Rangi used Citizen Space to run their online consultation and engagement on the question of climate action for Aotearoa.

Genuinely listening

After the Commission was established, Commissioners and staff embarked on an extensive, in-depth, national process of public involvement. This included meetings, workshops and hui, as well as carrying out a Call for Evidence.

The entire process was accompanied by a digital opportunity for people to have their say, via Citizen Space. Thousands of New Zealanders responded – on topics including 'land use, transport, buildings and urban design, waste, and heat, industry and power'.

The Commission used the insights gathered in drafting their first package of information and evidence. They also asked for New Zealanders’ views and comments on these draft proposals via a consultation on Citizen Space. They fed back on the findings, publishing more than 4,200 public responses, which also fed into the Commission's final document presented to the government.

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The Climate Change Commission will be around for a long time. As a country, our approach to climate change is planned out until 2050 and beyond. We consult with the public regularly. Our mandate is to hear all New Zealanders’ perspectives before making recommendations to government.

He Pou a Rangi, New Zealand

Inform at the point of response

Climate issues can often require a lot of complex background information and contextual explanation. Citizen Space makes it easy to present these details in an appealing, accessible way.

Accessible to all

User-friendly, with support for assistive technology so that nobody is excluded.

A mix of methods

Get people involved in many different ways - surveys, forms, maps and geospatial and more.

Rich media compatible

Embed video, audio, images and inline documentation to keep content fresh.

Join organisations like the UK Environment Agency, Western Australia Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in running your public climate engagement activities with Citizen Space.

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