Our customers: Infrastructure, transport and utilities

Businesses and government bodies working on transport, energy and construction projects use Delib tools to get people's feedback, online. Our digital platforms save these organisations time, money and hassle, making the evidence-gathering process easier and more inclusive.

Organisations like these use our platforms because they're the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective way to run digital consultation and involvement activity.

Rail and public transport

Crossrail 2: getting public input on a contentious scheme

Crossrail 2 used Citizen Space for all their digital consultations on the major rail project. As you'd expect with such a huge development (~£30bn), this involved multiple large surveys over several years – with individual consultations receiving 20,000+ responses.

Other rail and transport projects using our tools include:

  • Bakerloo line extension, Transport for London, UK
  • Piccadilly Line improvements, Transport for London, UK
  • Anglia Level Crossing Proposals, Network Rail, UK
  • Transport Scotland’s rail infrastructure strategy
  • West Midlands Interchange, UK
  • Hackney Transport Strategy, UK
  • Feasibility for a Freight Consolidation Centre in Belfast

The team at Delib are a delight to work with. Their support team have been a huge help, particularly in ensuring our Citizen Space is able to cope with intense activity and large response rates.

Head of Consultation, Transport for London

Roads and bridges

Lower Thames Crossing: collecting feedback on a hot-button topic

Highways England needed to explore options for a new Lower Thames Crossing – a £6bn project which they knew would generate a lot of public interest. They used Citizen Space as their digital, mobile-friendly response mechanism, with more than 30,000 responses arriving online.

Other road and bridge projects using our tools include:

  • A303 Stonehenge consultation, Highways England
  • Thames Tideway Tunnels, Defra, UK
  • Lower Fitzroy River infrastructure project, Queensland, Australia
  • London river crossings, UK
  • Trans-pennine upgrade, Highways England
  • Pooley Bridge Design Options, Cumbria County Council, UK
  • Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing, Norfolk County Council, UK

Views put forward in the Lower Thames Crossing consultation will inform the Government’s decision on the location, route and type of crossing. More than 47,000 people took part, making it the largest ever public consultation for a UK road project.

Spokesperson, UK Department for Transport

Energy and utilities

Power in the Valleys: involving a community in spending decisions

As part of a wind farm development in Pen y Cymoedd, energy company Vattenfall created a £1.8m community fund to invest in local facilities. They wanted the community itself to shape how this money was spent; they used Dialogue to run an ideas-gathering exercise, with hundreds of ideas from local residents pouring in online.

Other energy and utilities projects using our tools include:

  • National radioactive waste management project, Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
  • Eliwana Iron Ore mine, Environmental Protection Authority, Government of Western Australia
  • National Grid - Powering Britain’s future
  • 'A smart, flexible energy system', call for evidence, UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Three Springs solar park, Environmental Protection Authority, Government of Western Australia
  • Entso-E international transmission system operator co-ordination

...we need local people to come forward with their ideas. Some ideas will develop into projects that will get funded, so it really is important for people to get involved. We need to know what could make a difference in the area? What is needed? And why?

Project development manager for Pen y Cymoedd, Wales, Vattenfall

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