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Cookie name Purpose Host domain More information
SERVERID This tells our infrastructure which one of our servers last dealt with your request, which we use to improve the responsiveness of our site Delib Websites Does not contain any user identifiable information
wpmp_switcher Used by Wordpress to detect what resolution of video to display Delib Websites Does not contain any user identifiable information
BX Used by flickr (Yahoo!) for unspecified purposes Yahoo's privacy policy
mc Used by Quantcast for advertising tracking Quantcast's privacy policy
UID, UIDR Used by Full Circle Studies Inc for tracking market research subjects Full Circle Studies' privacy policy
NID, PREF Used by Google for Google Maps preferences, Google's privacy policy
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, …, __utmv, …, __utmz Used by Google for user behaviour tracking for Scribd and Vimeo Google's privacy policy Scribd's privacy policy Vimeo's privacy policy
metrics_token, pid Used by Twitter for tracking users before and after signing up Twitter's privacy policy
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, PREF, GEUP, YSC Used by YouTube (Google) for storing user preferences and other unspecified purposes Google's privacy policy
bcookie Used by LinkedIn for social integration and analytics including Share/IN buttons LinkedIn cookie policy
_uv_id Used by - a slide hosting service and one of the social media buttons on this website. LinkedIn cookie policy
zendesk_shared_session, _zendesk_session Used by Zendesk to hold session information for sharing across Zendesk applications. Zendesk cookie policy