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Our expert Account Managers run webinars providing insight on creating accessible and engaging surveys in Citizen Space. Learn about a range of topics, from how to design a good survey, to best practice guidance for improving the accessibility of content you create.

Sessions are approximately an hour long with time for questions at the end, and we provide access to any slides shared after the session. There is no limit on the number of participants.

Go to the Upcoming sessions page to see what we have planned in the coming weeks.

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Webinar topics

Useable and meaningful data comes from good survey design. Join this introductory session and learn how to employ standards to ensure your Citizen Space surveys are accessible, engaging and relevant to your stakeholders and citizens.

More info about Good survey design

Accessible digital engagement is better for everyone. Join this introductory session and learn about accessible and inclusive survey design in Citizen Space and how to make it easier for all of your stakeholders and citizens to have their say.

More info about Accessible consultations and surveys

Closing the feedback loop is the final step in the consultation lifecycle, but in spite of its importance it often gets overlooked or forgotten. Join this short webinar to learn the importance of reporting back, the benefits to your organisation and an overview of the tools available in Citizen Space to effectively close the feedback loop.

More info about Closing the feedback loop

Response publishing is a feature in Citizen Space which allows your organisation to publish submissions from respondents. It's a great way to be transparent about your consultations — citizens can see what other people have said and how their input feeds into the consultation process, helping to build trust.

More info about Response publishing