Our customers: Environmental and land management

Public sector bodies – and private companies whose work affects the built and natural environment – use Delib tools to run participation processes more effectively. Our digital platforms help them engage with multiple stakeholders, fulfil regulatory duties and gather input from wide ranges of people.

Organisations like these use Delib tools because they're the most robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to run digital consultation and involvement activity.

Land use and management

Forest Plans: major strategic consultations on forest use

Forestry Commission England regularly carries out Forest Plan consultations, where members of the public are invited to review draft proposals. These are significant plans, covering 10 year periods. They use Delib tools to collect feedback, with the goal of ensuring that their objectives and proposals are considered and balanced.

Other land use and management consultations using our tools include:

  • River Roding project, UK Environment Agency
  • Lost Peck Flood Alleviation and Environmental Improvement Project, Southwark, UK
  • Green City Strategy, Sheffield, UK
  • Site Selection Process for a Geological Disposal Facility, UK
  • Call for Sites, Winchester, UK
  • Liveable Neighbourhoods Review, Government of Western Australia
  • Medway Estuary and Swale Strategy, UK Environment Agency
  • Contaminated Land Strategy, Cumbria, UK

Dialogue has played an essential role in our decision making, everything from how we manage visitor facilities at local sites to organisational restructuring.

Digital Communications, Forestry Commission England

Regulation and permits

Comment on referrals: recurring, formal regulatory process

The Government of Western Australia's Environmental Protection Agency oversees the important process of 'comment on referrals' – ensuring citizens and stakeholders can input evidence to proposed environmental developments. They use Citizen Space to manage the process online, sometimes receiving thousands of responses.

Other regulatory and permit surveys using our tools include: :

  • Environmental permit consultations, UK Environment Agency
  • Environmental impact statements, Queensland Dept of State Development
  • Clean Air Zone for Birmingham, UK
  • Permitted Development Rights: Non Domestic Solar Panels and Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps, Scottish Government
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultation, Government of Northern Ireland
  • Changes to the Ultra Low Emission Zone and Low Emission Zone, Transport for London
  • Designation/Extension of Conservation Area - Kew, London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Running these consultations on Citizen Space saves heaps of time. The simple and clean interface has helped the agency establish a clear internal cultural standard for online consultations.

Communications Coordinator, Western Australia Environmental Protection Authority

Environmental policy

Call for evidence on climate change: collecting key policy input

The UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) conducted a call for evidence on climate change as part of a 'Review of the Balance of Competences between the UK and the European Union'. They used Citizen Space to hear from experts, non-governmental organisations, business people, elected representatives and others about handling this crucial policy area in the EU.

Other environmental policy initiatives using our tools include:

  • Sustainable fisheries for future generations, UK
  • Regulation of felling and restocking consultation, Scottish Government
  • Energy and Climate Change Public Attitudes Tracker Review, UK Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • The Future of Forestry in Scotland
  • Minerals and waste local plan review, Norfolk, UK
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Point Consultation, Richmond-upon-Thames, UK

We wanted to move Defra’s consultations on to a digital platform to provide better accessibility and quality of service to stakeholders and the public – and to provide a uniform style of consultation.

Better Regulation Team, Defra

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