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Training is delivered by our expert account managers to groups of up to 10 people at a time. You can book sessions in either 3- or 6-hour slots (depending on the content to be covered). Bespoke training is also available, tailored to your exact needs.

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Learn how to create great consultations in Citizen Space. Find out how to design and build a consultation, analyse your data and more, in this engaging, interactive training day.

Find out more about The Fundamentals of Citizen Space

Learn how to take your Citizen Space analysis skills to the next level. Find out more about analysing responses, tagging, grouping and filtering, and more in this engaging training.

Find out more about Advanced Citizen Space Skills: Analysis

Delib digital democracy software training – tailored to meet your needs

Find out more about Bespoke Training Sessions

Delib digital democracy consultancy – optimise your community engagement project

Find out more about Consultancy

It was a very good course: well structured and well presented. I was really impressed at how easy it is – and very user friendly.

training attendee