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Simulator is an online tool to engage people in complex decisions

Give anyone the chance to try their hand at making difficult trade-offs.
See what choices they would make in your position.

Public sector organisations around the world use Simulator to involve citizens in priority-setting:

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Simulator has helped us to engage and involve our residents in a very complex and difficult process. The comments that we got back from residents show that those who participated got a real insight into the decision-making process that touches so many people's lives.

Matt Jukes, Chief Executive, Hull City Council, UK

How it works

  • » Respondents move sliders to reflect their priorities
  • » They see the consequences of experimenting with different trade-offs
  • » People deliberate on their options, then submit considered preferences
  • » This generates meaningful, insightful feedback that can inform your decisions

Three different setups, many uses

Choose the Simulator that best fits your situation.

Bill Simulator

Find out what people are happiest for their money to go towards

Budget Simulator

See where people would increase or decrease overall spending

Points Simulator

Discover people's preferences, and which trade-offs they would make

Using Simulator...we opened the biggest budget conversation the city has seen. Residents have come forward and offered constructive suggestions for what they would like to see in the budget, and we’ve taken those into account.

Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, UK

Watch the Video: Simulator for Bristol City Council, UK

Backed up with expert support and training

Simulator is a fully account-managed service. Each subscription includes dedicated account management. The team are ready to help with all queries and most issues are resolved within hours.

Our account managers are experts in public involvement, offering full product training and guidance on best practice – so you’re in good hands. Delib is widely known for our quality of service.

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