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Simulator is a deliberative prioritisation tool that lets anyone try their hand at making tough choices. It engages citizens with your decisions and inspires insightful responses.

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"This online tool simulates the difficult decisions that we will have to make...it gives us valuable feedback on what people see as the priorities over the next year."

- Mayor of Liverpool, UK

Citizens need consultation to be engaging, meaningful and convenient

Simulator is easy to understand and sets people a stimulating challenge. Its attractive, accessible design works seamlessly on computers, tablets and mobile. So it's simple for anyone to take part – anywhere, any time.

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Set priorities with sliders

Experiment with different permutations, adjusting variables up and down. See the trade-offs instantly.


Discover the consequences

Learn about the options in more detail. Understand the potential impact of decisions and deliberate on preferences.

Making choices reveals consequences

Give considered feedback

Finalise your choices and add a comment on the thinking behind them. Explain what's important and why.

Create a budget and add comments to it

You need a tool that is easy to use and can be configured your way

Tailor Simulator to suit your needs. Choose from three types of simulation. Control the content, questions, sliding scales and visual theme (including logo, banner image and custom colours). And manage everything via the intuitive admin system.

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Get an accurate model

Choose the type of simulation that best reflects your situation. Consult on a financial budget, a bill or general priorities using points.

Balanced scales

Stay on top of everything

Control your Simulator quickly and easily with at-a-glance dashboards and settings. Access headline statistics whenever you want to monitor progress.

Configuration options (cog icons)

Generate detailed analysis

Dig into the comprehensive reporting tools to produce insightful findings. Export all data at any time to audit results and run even more analytics.

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With Simulator, you're in good hands

Simulator is web-based. There's no software to install, which means no extra work for your IT team. You own all the data collected. Our robust security keeps it safe. A dedicated account manager will provide proactive support from deployment through to analysis.

"The perfect solution: quick and easy for residents to take part in, and quick and easy for us to set up – thanks to the excellent support from Delib."
- Anne Tansley Thomas, Senior Consultation Officer, Norfolk County Council, UK

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