Our customers: Climate change and the route to net zero carbon

Many public sector bodies and private companies have committed to producing net zero carbon emissions by 2050. They use Delib’s tools to engage with the public effectively and dynamically dynamically in developing their net zero strategy. Our digital platforms help them run deliberative participatory exercises, statutory consultations and broaden their reach. Citizens are involved at every step of the route to to reducing their carbon footprint and achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Organisations like these use Delib tools because they're the most robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to run digital consultations on carbon neutrality and the global warming crisis.


Constructive discussions with Dialogue

Citizen’s Assembly: an online platform to support the Scottish Climate Assembly

The Scottish Climate Assembly invited a representative group of people from across Scotland to discuss energy consumption and, ‘How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?'

They used Dialogue as a way for the wider population to participate in climate action as well, offering up suggestions on what should be addressed during the Assembly, who should be invited to speak, and their ideas about how Scotland should reach net-zero emissions targets.

The general population has a genuine stake in the outcomes of the Assembly and therefore it is important they have the opportunity to have an input into its proceedings. Dialogue was also a chance for those who initially received an invitation but did not make the final selection to still participate.

Scottish Climate Assembly

windmills for carbon reduction and clean energy across multiple fields of countryside

Deliberative prioritisation with Simulator

Setting a carbon budget: demonstrating necessary tradeoffs

The London Borough of Redbridge were developing an environmental impact plan to make all of the council’s operations carbon neutral by 2030. They knew this would bring steep challenges in balancing the needs of citizens, industry and the environment against the reduction in fossil fuels. They wanted an engaging way to consult residents that accurately conveyed the urgency and complexity of the greenhouse gas emissions problem at hand. .

The council recognised that the information involved was too dense and unwieldy for a traditional survey. So they used Simulator to inform their carbon reduction strategy.

Simulator helped us test various actions the council could take to address Climate Change whilst understanding our residents’ priorities.

The tool was very easy to set-up and use, enabling us to illustrate the difficult decisions we had to face, with one resident commenting 'it was difficult to choose which proposals should be regarded as a lower priority'

Victoria Lewis, Policy Assistant, London Borough of Redbridge Council

a field of solar panels for clean energy

Statutory climate policy with Citizen Space

Call for evidence on renewable, net zero electricity

In order to meet its climate obligations and achieve its carbon reduction plan goals, the UK will need to deploy a great deal of renewable energy and electricity. The UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) conducted a call for evidence on how UK industry is approaching the financing and deployment of renewable technologies. They used Citizen Space to hear from industry experts, businesses and stakeholders about what the UK is doing to prepare for a clean energy, future-proof electricity infrastructure, with higher energy efficiency.

Other consultations on climate with Citizen Space include:

  • Sustainable fisheries for future generations, UK
  • Regulation of felling and restocking consultation, Scottish Government
  • Energy and Climate Change Public Attitudes Tracker Review, UK Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • The Future of Forestry in Scotland
  • Minerals and waste local plan review, Norfolk, UK
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Point Consultation, Richmond-upon-Thames, UK

Achieving our ambitious climate targets will require significant levels of renewable deployment. Making sure we have the right policy framework to support this deployment will be crucial to delivering net zero while minimising costs for consumers.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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