Hundreds of government organisations around the world use Citizen Space to run engagement processes

Citizen Space is used by national and state governments, local authorities, healthcare, utilities, police, regulators and trusts

Customer Stories

Citizen Space does everything we need it to do – it solves so many problems... I cannot conceive how a local authority could deliver consultation or engagement without a tool like Citizen Space.

David Porteous, City of Edinburgh Council

The response numbers are an illustration of the fact that we’ve put in a lot of effort to make things more inclusive, more open, more engaging, to inform people that this is a two-way conversation. Everyone that's used Citizen Space loves it!

Davina Fereday, Research and Insight Manager, Police Scotland

Citizen Space has greatly improved the quality and quantity of consultations that we run. Having a standardised method of consultation has made the process easier for us and our citizens.

Dublin City Council

Citizen Space has proved itself to be a very useful tool for both small-scale engagement and national consultations. Its intuitive system allows us to present information in a sensible format and extracts succinct quantitative information that informs the development of our work.

Jenny Davies, Environment Protection Officer, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

When you jump onto Citizen Space you’re straight in there giving your say. There’s no barrier…it increases the ability of access more than anything. That plays a huge part in terms of actually getting a response rather than just giving a reaction.

Julie Clausen, Hamilton City Council

Citizen Space has been a breath of fresh air and nudged us to re-think the way we engage…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to organisations wanting to improve the way they consult.

Performance & Information Officer, Clackmannanshire Council

The level of support we get with Citizen Space is amazing. Knowing that I can always speak to someone on the phone quickly if anything comes up is great and really puts us at ease.

Florence Obinna, Consultation Manager, Hackney Council

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