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Customer Stories

Screenshot of The Scottish Government's Citizen Space

The Scottish Government

When the Scottish Government needed to consult on the referendum on independence, they used Citizen Space to receive thousands of…

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Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science, AU

The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science use Citizen Space to run a variety of external and internal…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Birmingham City Council, UK

Birmingham City Council wanted to implement one consistent process for their online consultation activity across the organisation. They…

Citizen Space meets perfectly the part of our Consultation and Engagement Strategy requiring digital formal consultation. Our staff have taken to it easily and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Kaja Carson, Policy Manager Birmingham City Council
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Hamilton City Council, New Zealand

Hamilton City Council want to ensure that citizens are involved with the creation of their 10 year plan. They use Citizen Space to open up online consultation to citizens and allow them to submit feedback on their community…

London skyline at dusk

Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) consult on a huge range of topics, from major infrastructure projects to minor adjustments in local transport…

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Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group, UK

Stockport CCG are publicly committed to engaging with patients and stakeholders whenever they make any substantial change to local healthcare services. They use Citizen Space as the hub for all their public consultations, often publishing several per week, and striving to gain…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Government of Northern Ireland

The Government of Northern Ireland recognise the importance of having good online services. They have digital transformation initiatives across the government that have been steadily implementing changes over the past decade - for example, ‘16x16’, which was a goal to have…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council, Ireland

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council wanted a dedicated online consultation platform…

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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, UK wanted to ensure consistently good online consultations to take the…

Screenshot of London Borough of Sutton's Citizen Space

London Borough of Sutton, UK

The London Borough of Sutton wanted to coordinate all their consultation activity in one place with an online system. They chose to use…

Citizen Space has transformed the way we are able to engage with our customers and stakeholders. It has allowed us to reach and listen to the views of more service users than ever before.

Peter Bradley, Head of Consultation, Transport for London
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WA Environmental Protection Authority

The Western Australian EPA selected Citizen Space to consult with the public on development proposals. Assessment officers can now view…

Winchester Council logo

Winchester City Council, UK

Winchester City Council generally conducted consultations well – but they were dissatisfied at a lack of consistency in their internal processes. They wanted to ensure that the same methodologies were being deployed across the organisation and to be confident that the quality of engagement remained high.…

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East Sussex County Council, UK

East Sussex County Council had a well-established internal process for consultation – but the team were frustrated with the unwieldy software required to take their activity online. The Council had established a comprehensive and effective 8 step process for running…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Civil Aviation Safety Authority, AU

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are the authority in charge of regulating civil aviation in Australia. They issue licenses, enforce safety requirements and protocols and ensure environmental protections against aircraft pollution are in place. They take…

Screenshot of London Borough of Sutton's Citizen Space

Environment Agency, UK

With around 70 consultations open at any given time, the Environment Agency has a huge online consultation presence. For a single…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Earthquake Commission Inquiry, NZ

In 2010, a devastating, magnitude 7.1 earthquake ripped through New Zealand’s South Island, triggering a sequence of thousands more.…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

General Optical Council, UK

The General Optical Council wanted to transform their consultation approach. They already have a Consultation Framework in place, which…

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Scottish Borders Council, UK

The Scottish Borders Council wanted to re-vitalise their consultation approach. They had existing consultation processes in place, but found they weren’t getting as much engagement as they hoped for. They wanted to bring their consultation activity primarily online and needed…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

London Borough of Southwark, UK

Involving citizens The London Borough of Southwark is keen to get its residents involved in ongoing decision-making as much as possible. They invest a lot of time and resource to consulting in an effective and inclusive way. For example, in 2017, they ran a broad-scope,…

Citizen Space has proved itself to be a very useful tool for both small-scale engagement and national consultations. Its intuitive system allows us to present information in a sensible format and extracts succinct quantitative information that informs the development of our work.

Jenny Davies, Environment Protection Officer, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Gambling Commission, UK

The Gambling Commission oversees and licenses all gambling operations in the UK. They regulate a huge amount of premises and are committed to doing so in a way that is fair, objective and accountable. Part of operating in this way involves regular consultations with…

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NHS Digital, UK

NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner to the health and social care system. Their mission is to transform the NHS and social care services using digital technology. So when it comes to procuring technology from external sources, they’re under a lot of…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

West Sussex County Council, UK

West Sussex County Council are committed to involving the public in their ongoing decision-making, and to giving their citizens a…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Sheffield City Council, UK

Sheffield is a highly diverse city, something in which it takes great pride. It remains a popular destination for immigrants and international students, and these…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Independent Review of Disability and Autism MHA, UK

The Independent Review of Disability and Autism in the Mental Health Act (IRMHA, for short) took place in…

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Norfolk County Council, UK

Norfolk County Council take consultation extremely seriously. They have an entire team dedicated to consultation, and regularly consult on complex issues targeted at broad demographics. They needed a robust tool that would help them reach high numbers of respondents, as some…

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Transport for West Midlands, UK

Transport for West Midlands, working in conjunction with the West Midlands Combined Authority and Birmingham City Council, needed a consultation platform that would help them realise an ambitious transport…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Belfast City Council, UK

Belfast’s story might sound familiar to anyone working in or around local government. Their public consultation process was inconsistent, with different departments…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Dublin City Council, ROI

Dublin is a dynamic and vibrant city, with a rapidly growing population. Dublin City Council recognised the need for a consultation platform that would allow them to…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Australian Department of Trade, AU

The Australian Department of Trade (or Austrade, for short) ran a review into an existing scheme that offers financial assistance to…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Abri, UK

Abri is one of the largest social housing providers in the south of England. It’s comprised of what were previously two separate…

Screenshot of DLR CC's Citizen Space

Leicester City Council, UK

Local Plan consultations have a bad reputation. Too long, too confusing, full of jargon, inaccessible…the list goes on. Certainly there are plenty of Local Plan consultations that are like this. The sheer amount of information involved in a lot of cases is enough to put anyone off reading through it all. So when…

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