Customer story: London Borough of Sutton, UK

Consultation Process
'screenshot of 'London Borough of Sutton, UK
'screenshot of 'London Borough of Sutton, UK

Standardising consultation processes

The London Borough of Sutton wanted to coordinate all their consultation activity in one place by using an online system.

Sutton came to us with a familiar story: being a large organisation, they had lots of services that ran lots of consultations concurrently, with little overall visibility of what was happening across the authority. It was important for them to adopt a system to be used universally, where they could see what consultations were happening from one platform and to improve the standard of consultation carried out by the council.

The London Borough of Sutton picked Citizen Space

Citizen Space is cloud-based software for managing your public involvement activity in one place.

After a competitive tendering process, Sutton chose Citizen Space. They soon adopted both the management and survey functionality across the entire organisation, allowing them to run online consultations, manage respondents and analyse responses received.

Citizen Space was selected as the best tool to achieve Suttonʼs aims largely because it met the authorityʼs specific requirements at the best possible value.

We were able to deploy Suttonʼs Citizen Space in one week and training was provided to ensure the transition to the new system ran smoothly and did not impact upon quality or level of consultation.

We chose Citizen Space because it met the authorityʼs specific needs at the best value

Ben Unsworth, Head of Engagement and Equalities, London Borough of Sutton

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