Customer story: Environment Agency, UK

Consultation Process
'screenshot of 'Environment Agency, UK
'screenshot of 'Environment Agency, UK

Scalable consultation activity

With around 70 consultations open at any given time, the Environment Agency has a huge online consultation presence.

For a single organisation, the scope of the activity upon which they need to consult is huge: whether it’s environmental permits for business premises, specific localised flood management plans for at-risk communities, or enormous, country-wide undertakings like River Basin Planning for the whole of the UK, there’s always a lot going on.

They needed a platform which would allow them to consolidate all this activity in one place. Citizen Space was the right option: all of their consultations were gathered together in the CitizenHub, meaning that respondents could easily search for consultations by keyword, open/closed status, and more.

It was also ideal from an administrative perspective: Citizen Space allows multiple admin users for each account, meaning that different departments can all access the platform individually.

More than just consultations

The EA use Citizen Space in different ways, too. With its simple set-up and features which make it easy to embed pictures, videos, PDFs and documents all on the same page, it makes an ideal platform for sharing information on projects that aren’t being consulted on but are still in the public interest. They do this for pre-consultation information, to ensure the public are well-informed before they respond, as well as using it as a feedback tool to provide detailed updates and timelines on projects they have previously consulted on.

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