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Citizen Space is a trusted, transparent and convenient way for organisations to consult on regulatory processes and decisions.

Regulators use Citizen Space to consult stakeholders and hear from the public – on issues from consumer protections in gambling to national food standards.

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What is regulatory consultation?

While regulations are not laws, organisations can face legal penalties if they deviate from them. Therefore, it’s important that regulators keep open channels of communication with their stakeholders and allow them to share their views and experiences – particularly when it comes to creating or amending the regulations by which stakeholders must abide.

Typically, regulatory consultation involves:

  • Publishing details of regulations that need amending or updating
  • Gathering feedback from stakeholder organisations who will be affected by the changes, as well as consumers and the public
  • Keeping stakeholders informed about regulatory changes
  • Demonstrating transparency and accountability

Citizen Space: trusted and robust

Regulatory bodies around the world use Citizen Space to keep the public and their stakeholders informed and involved – from opticians and airline pilots to glasses-wearers and holiday-makers.

With sophisticated features like integrated feedback and response publishing, Citizen Space provides a convenient, centralised way for regulators to consult consumers and stakeholders.

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Regulators at their core are charged with protecting the public. Managing this as well as acting in the interests of their stakeholders can be a tricky balancing act - which is why it's so important to regularly consult both stakeholders and the public to ensure that decisions are made fairly.

Better, higher quality stakeholder consultations
Citizen Space for the Gambling Commission

Reviewing and improving processes

The Gambling Commission oversees and licenses all gambling operations in the UK. They regulate a huge amount of premises and are committed to doing so in a way that is fair, objective and accountable.

They had a consultation system in place, but a survey with their stakeholders in 2017 revealed that people found their consultations to be lacking in consistency in terms of style, content and quality. They also found them to be labour-intensive. As a result of this survey, the Gambling Commission ran a review of its consultation process in order to add value to respondents.

Consistent, straightforward consultations

Citizen Space is designed with consistency in mind, meaning that all consultations have the same look, feel and format. Organisations have full control over the content that goes in a survey, but the process for the respondent remains familiar. All consultations – open, closed, and forthcoming – are conveniently grouped in one place, so respondents can share their views, see what’s coming up, and read feedback on a closed consultation all from the same place.

It also makes it easier for respondents to contribute – by giving them the option of saving their progress and returning to submit later. For longer surveys, this means people can break up the process of responding in a way that suits their personal schedules.

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Our aim is to protect children, reduce gambling-related harm and keep gambling fair and crime-free. We would encourage anyone with an interest in gambling matters to read our consultation and ensure they have their say on our proposals.

Brad Enright, Gambling Commission, UK

Seamless processes

With Citizen Space, you're in control. Bring a consistent standard to your consultation activity. Customise your Citizen Space hub. It's easy to participate and easy to administrate.


All consultations are published via a central hub. Easy to find, easy to manage.


Create templates. Clone regularly asked questions. Maintain standards.

Under control

Manage teams and departments. Set who can publish, edit and analyse. Add and remove users.

Rigorous transparency in regulatory change
Citizen Space for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Maintaining standards

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are the authority in charge of regulating civil aviation in Australia. They issue licenses, enforce safety requirements and protocols and ensure environmental protections against aircraft pollution are in place.

They take pride in being transparent in their processes and legislations, and for making decisions that serve the best interests of their stakeholders while keeping Australian aviation up to safety standards.

Part of their commitment to transparency includes a robust consultation process. They consult regularly on changes to aviation regulation in Australia.

Demonstrating accountability

As well as ensuring they feed back to stakeholders on the outcomes of a decision, CASA use response publishing as a way of demonstrating their accountability to stakeholders. Where consent has been given to do so, they publish respondents’ submissions on the consultation overview page. The ability for respondents to view their peers’ views on a public site increases the obligation on an organisation's part to fully take those views into account and respond accordingly.

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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is committed to working cooperatively with the aviation industry and community to maintain and enhance aviation safety.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia

Transparent and accountable

Regulators are independent bodies and so it’s important that they operate openly and fairly. Citizen Space makes it easy to demonstrate you’re accountable to your stakeholders.

Response publishing

Give an option to share submissions publicly. Keep everything out in the open.

Clear, detailed feedback

Provide at-a-glance summaries of your actions with 'We Asked, You Said, We Did'.

Close the loop

Uphold transparency and accountability by keeping participants informed.

Join organisations like the General Optical Council, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (UK), the Gambling Commission, the Health and Safety Executive and Ofqual (UK) in running your regulatory consultation with Citizen Space.

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