Customer story: BEIS, UK

Transformation Process
'screenshot of 'BEIS, UK
'screenshot of 'BEIS, UK

A range of consultation topics

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consult on a range of issues from low-carbon electricity generation to modern working practices, to ensuring restaurant and hospitality workers receive their fair share of tips.

The aim of their online consultations is to ensure consistently good quality content throughout and to secure their departmental reputation online, taking the difficulty out of digital forms of engagement.

They choose to use Citizen Space

BEIS have noticed a marked improvement in consultation conversion rates since adopting Citizen Space.

When publishing their consultations on the website and Citizen Space simultaneously, they found that the average completion rate was significantly higher when people were using Citizen Space: 21% compared with 3%.

Lowering barriers to entry

The stats demonstrate that by putting stuff online, making it visually appealing and promoting it, people will engage. The ability to break consultations down into different sections and allow people to only complete parts that are relevant to them may be a contributing factor to the rise in conversion rates.

Through their use of Citizen Space, BEIS have managed to reach more people and allow citizen participation in decision-making to increase.

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