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Hundreds of customers around the world use Citizen Space for community engagement about issues as varied as the communities themselves.

From proposing cycle lanes to shaping 30 year strategic plans, Citizen Space is the platform of choice to engage the local community on issues that matter.


Reach people

Create a space for community empowerment


Pose questions

Frame an issue and ask for opinions on it


Gather views

Use interactive community engagement software


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What is community engagement?

Community engagement is a vital way to get people involved in the future of their area. A good community engagement strategy includes:

  • asking the public for their thoughts on an issue or theme, rather than on a prepared document or draft policy
  • using a mix of methods, combining online and offline approaches
  • actively listening to public engagement and ideas
  • incorporating public opinion into the way your organisation is run

Citizen Space: promoting effective community engagement

Citizen Space is a powerful, flexible platform that supports everything you need for community engagement activity online.

Hundreds of organisations around the world use it to publish information and documents, and to run engaging, interactive activities – such as surveys, forms, quick polls, maps and geospatial, deliberation exercises and more.

The spirit of engagement is conversing with citizens, not because it’s your statutory duty but because it’s the right thing to do in terms of democratic legitimacy.

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Strategic community engagement
Citizen Space for Warwickshire County Council

Regular engagement

For Warwickshire County Council, a good example of community engagement was their Council Plan 2025 engagement survey. They wanted to check the council plan was broadly hitting the right notes before running a detailed consultation on the proposals.

“The council identified a set of objectives to inform our five-year plan; this was about checking whether these objectives resonated with residents and other Warwickshire stakeholders”, explained Lucy Rumble, the council's Strategic Consultation and Engagement Lead.

Engaging using Citizen Space

By running this strategic community engagement plan using Citizen Space, Warwickshire were able to put forward a council plan that accurately reflected the needs and concerns of its residents.

“We had about 1,200 responses, with lots of really useful and thought provoking suggestions. It’s one of the largest responses we’ve had.”

As well as helping to increase their response rate, Citizen Space has facilitated improvements in other ways: one of these is feeding back to citizens promptly and effectively with the help of the ‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’ feature. Closing the feedback loop is an important part of successful consultation and engagement and fosters trust between council and citizens.

Formal, statutory feedback on draft policy is important – but for a real, nuanced understanding of residents’ wants and needs, it's key that it happens alongside regular community engagement.

Show you're listening

Community engagement is a two-way street. Citizen Space makes it easy for you to demonstrate your commitment to hearing wider community views. Increase trust by showing the positive outcomes of their input.


Close the loop

Uphold transparency and accountability by keeping participants informed.


Clear feedback

At-a-glance summaries of your actions with 'We Asked, You Said, We Did'.


Detailed reporting

Provide in-depth updates, guidance and formal reports on decisions.

Police driving car down road in Scottish highlands

Building community trust
Citizen Space for Police Scotland

Continuous improvement

An important part of Police Scotland’s continuous improvement of their service is a robust community engagement programme.

Police Scotland recognise that their relationship with the public is vital – and one of the most effective ways to build trust is to demonstrate that they’re listening.

500% increase in engagement using Citizen Space

Since procuring Citizen Space and improving their engagement process across the board, they’ve seen a 500% increase in response rates. For example, their annual ‘Your Police’ survey for 2021 received over 36,000 responses.

“Historically it’s been, ‘we just tell you these are the five top priorities and X percentage of you voted for this’, and that’s it, wrap up. But now, we’re better at asking for and taking into account qualitative feedback”, said Eve Georgieva, Insight and Engagement Lead.

“We have engagement activities in British Sign Language or Easy Read formats, and we’ve put in more time to connect with third sector organisations and diversity and equality groups.”

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The numbers are an illustration of the fact that we’ve put in a lot of effort to make things more inclusive, more open, more engaging, to inform people that this is a two-way conversation. Everyone that's used Citizen Space loves it!

Get your community involved

Give citizens a place to share their voice. Citizen Space is designed with community cohesion in mind. Lower barriers to entry, so that your residents can give their views – whoever and wherever they are.

Accessible to all

Easy to use and supports assistive technology so that nobody is excluded.

A mix of methods

Get people involved in many different ways - surveys, forms, maps and geospatial and more.

Broaden your reach

Increase response rates. Connect with new audiences. Engage the whole community.

Join organisations like the Scottish Government, the UK NHS, Hamilton City Council New Zealand, and the Australian Government Department of Health in engaging communities with Citizen Space.

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