Citizen Space.
The platform for transport engagement.

Hundreds of customers around the world use Citizen Space to engage communities about questions of transport and travel infrastructure.

From local borough councils to national infrastructure organisations, Citizen Space is the platform of choice to engage the public on things like:

  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)
  • active travel engagement
  • city-wide transport plans
  • electric vehicle infrastructure
  • road network improvements
  • rail & major infrastructure

Publish maps

Publish supporting information. Build interactive maps.

Gather feedback

Collect informed input from the public and stakeholders.

Analyse results

Analyse your findings. Identify necessary changes.

Show responses

Keep respondents informed and close the loop.

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What is transport engagement?

Governments around the world need to engage residents on improvements to the way they get from A to B - particularly against a backdrop of the climate emergency. This is usually a highly complex process and involves lots of moving parts, so good transport engagement means better quality decisions. Typically it involves:

  • publishing contextual information, such as maps and other supporting documents/materials
  • gathering intel on how residents use transport options
  • trialling schemes temporarily, for example via experimental traffic orders
  • asking the public and stakeholders for their input on proposed improvements or schemes
  • feeding back to the public on outcomes

Citizen Space: the future of engagement

Citizen Space is a powerful, next-generation engagement platform that is used by governments around the world to engage residents and stakeholders on changes to transport options and the road network.

And now, with the introduction of Citizen Space Geospatial, organisations can conduct their transport engagement using data, not documents: no more relying on time-consuming manual processes or hard-to-read CAD drawings.

Hundreds of organisations use it to publish maps and information, and to run engaging, interactive activities on getting from place to place.

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Good transport infrastructure has never been more important against the backdrop of the climate emergency. It's hugely complex and hard to get right - so a core tenet of good transport planning is good community engagement and buy-in.

Engaging on innovative new transport schemes
Citizen Space for Reading Borough Council

Regular engagement

In 2021, Reading Borough Council secured more than £1 million through the Government’s Active Travel Fund to help realise the plans set out in their Transport Strategy – such as the introduction of emissions-based charging; myriad new cycle routes, storage and hire schemes; a requirement for all taxis to be electric or hybrid by 2028, and a new app-based 'Mobility as a Service' initiative.

The funding would allow Reading to pursue one – but only one – of four possible schemes to improve travel in different areas of the borough. So the Council reached out to residents, inviting people to have their say on which of the schemes they'd most like to see implemented. They received almost 1,000 responses, with the input helping to steer their decision.

Engaging using Citizen Space

Community engagement activities at every stage were publicised online via the Council's Citizen Space platform. This meant that people could also participate immediately in the same place: exploring the background information and draft plans and giving their feedback digitally, all via Citizen Space.

Throughout the process, Reading Borough Council sought to ensure their residents have a genuine opportunity to shape and steer their plans for travel in the borough. And they continued to close the feedback loop, keeping participants informed about their decisions at each stage and extending further opportunities to inform the next round of developments.

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Public engagement on the transport strategy and development of schemes will result in improved scheme designs that better respond to public opinion and needs.

Reading Borough Council

Data, not documents

Many transport planning components - like Traffic Regulation Orders, or TROs - rely heavily on manual processes. With Citizen Space Geospatial you can use geospatial data rather than documents or complex CAD drawings.

Ways to respond

Respondents can drop a pin, draw a shape or draw a route on an interactive map.

GIS integration

Import and export GIS data to and from other systems, including shapefiles and GeoJSON.

Detailed analysis

Drill down through responses. Filter and segment responses for more insight.

Trialling transport schemes via ETROs
Citizen Space for Birmingham City Council

Trialling schemes

Like many local authorities, Birmingham City Council use Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) to try and improve transportation in their neighbourhoods. They collect public input and feedback on these measures online via Citizen Space.

Experimental Traffic Orders are brought in to allow rapid testing of new traffic and transport measures – things like Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, pop-up cycle lanes or e-scooters.

A convenient way to share views

Since adopting Citizen Space in 2011, Birmingham have ensured that residents can give feedback online on every single one of their ETROs via the platform.

The resulting familiarity for staff – and expectation from citizens – of participating online has proven to be even more valuable during the Covid pandemic. With in-person events or door-to-door surveys an impossibility in lockdown, a digital platform for public feedback has become vital.

And, whether it's handling a handful of local objections or thousands of in-depth comments, Birmingham have been able to make a consistent and convenient offer to its citizens to express their views online.

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Citizen Space meets perfectly the part of our Consultation and Engagement Strategy requiring digital formal consultation. Our staff have taken to it easily and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Kaja Carson, Policy Manager, Birmingham City Council

Show you're listening

Transport engagement is a two-way street. Citizen Space makes it easy for you to demonstrate your commitment to hearing people's views. Increase trust by showing the difference their input is making.

Close the loop

Uphold transparency and accountability by keeping participants informed.

Clear feedback

At-a-glance summaries of your actions with 'We Asked, You Said, We Did'.

Detailed reporting

Provide in-depth updates and formal reports on decisions.

Join organisations like Birmingham City Council, London Borough of Sutton, Great British Railways Transition Team, AU Planning Lands and Heritage, and National Highways in running transport engagement with Citizen Space.

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