Citizen Space.
The platform for delivering statutory consultations.

Citizen Space is designed to support statutory consultees and activities on a national and local scale. Trusted by hundreds of government customers worldwide.

From small borough councils to national governments, organisations around the world use Citizen Space to consult on things like:

  • policy and legislation
  • statutory notices
  • spatial planning
  • traffic regulation
  • local plans
  • licensing and permitting

Inform the public

Publish key documents, notices or policy drafts

Consult online

Build convenient, time-saving response forms

Get responses

Collect input from the public and stakeholders

Analyse results

Export, report and feed back on your findings

Citizen Space is a tried-and-trusted platform for formal consultations. Request a demo to find out more.

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What is statutory consultation?

Statutory or formal consultation is an essential democratic process. Councils and public bodies have a statutory obligation to consult on certain issues. Statutory consultation means:

  • Getting public feedback on policy or legislation
  • Engaging with stakeholders on key issues
  • Maintaining transparency and accountability
  • Complying with statutory requirements

Citizen Space: trusted and robust

Citizen Space is a powerful, proven platform that supports everything you need for formal private or public consultation processes.

Hundreds of organisations around the world use it to publish information and documents; build sophisticated, in-depth consultations; analyse and present data to senior officials; and feed back to respondents on the decision-making process, while fulfilling any regulatory obligations.

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Citizen Space has greatly improved the quality and quantity of consultations that we run. The fact that we can have unlimited site admins means that lots of different departments are on board, and having a standardised method of consultation has made the process easier for us and our citizens.

Dublin City Council


Consistent, high standards for consultation
Citizen Space for the Scottish Government

High-level consultation

The Scottish Government have been using Citizen Space since 2012. Since then, they have run a large number of far-reaching national consultations for both citizens and stakeholders, on topics such as 2012’s Independence Referendum, same-sex marriage legislation, legal aid reform, climate change bills and many more.

Standards for statutory consultation with Citizen Space

Citizen Space is their main platform for consulting with the public and as such they’ve developed an internal standard for creating consistency across all their consultations. Features such as question cloning and custom branding help them maintain their standards of quality and professionalism.

The Scottish Government recognise the importance of closing the feedback loop and as such have a regular timeline for feeding back - usually 12 weeks once a consultation has closed. Integrated feedback mechanisms within Citizen Space enable them to communicate proposed changes of national importance in a way that’s easy to find and access.

We wanted to make the process of responding to the consultation as simple as possible - simple for users to express their views, and simple for us to redact, analyse and publish those responses… We were very happy with the outcome.

Christian Storstein, Digital Engagement Manager, The Scottish Government

Compliance to the highest standards

Citizen Space is the trusted platform for hundreds of governments and departments worldwide. That's because it's designed against the highest standards, making it ideal for connecting with consultees. Consult with complete peace of mind.


Security & privacy

ISO:27001 certified. Compliant with privacy regimes including GDPR.



Citizen Space complies with W3C Accessibility guidelines, so nobody is excluded from taking part.


Ongoing learning

Faster, more effective consultation
Citizen Space for Hamilton City Council New Zealand

City planning consultation

In the city of Hamilton, the council want to ensure that citizens are involved in the public hearing process for the creation of their Ten Year Plan. Previously, the public had to submit their views on the plans on paper, which would then be distributed to councillors for review. It was an admin-intensive process and whilst submissions were publicly visible, they weren’t particularly accessible or easy to find.

They decided to modernise the process using Citizen Space. By opening up the submission process to the community online, people were able to submit their feedback digitally. Responses were moderated and published for everyone to see.

Tenfold responses in half the time

The public nature of the exercise meant that interest groups and respondents were able to look through submissions and see where others had agreed or disagreed with their views. Submissions could be used in deliberations and decision-making, with a number of councillors calling upon response data to support their arguments.

By using Citizen Space, Hamilton received ten times the number of responses than their previous ten-year plan, but managed to feed back to citizens in less than half the time.

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When you jump onto Citizen Space you’re straight in there giving your say. There’s no barrier…it increases the ability of access more than anything. That plays a huge part in terms of actually getting a response rather than just giving a reaction.

Julie Clausen, Hamilton City Council

Seamless processes

With Citizen Space, you're in control. Bring a consistent standard to your public consultation activity and regulatory compliance. Customise your Citizen Space hub. It's easy to participate and easy to administrate.


All consultations are published via a central hub. Easy to find, easy to manage.


Create templates. Clone regularly asked questions. Maintain standards.

Under control

Manage teams and departments. Set who can publish, edit and analyse. Add and remove users.

Join government organisations like the Scottish Government, the UK NHS, Hamilton City Council New Zealand, and the Australian Government Department of Health in running your statutory consultation with Citizen Space.

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