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Citizen Space is software for managing your public involvement activity.

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Manage all your public involvement activity

Run online consultations and surveys

Analyse and report back on findings

Citizen Space has transformed the way we are able to engage.

Peter Bradley, Head of Consultation, Transport For London

Best-in-class publishing platform

A powerful, adaptable system for creating your own online consultations. Build elegant surveys, complete with contextual information. The only tool of its kind designed in collaboration with government, specifically for public sector use.

  • 16 different question types – including ranking, matrix and file upload
  • Fact Banks – expandable sections for supporting documents and contextual information alongside the relevant questions
  • Rich media embeds – photos, videos, digital audio, maps, even entire pdf documents
  • Shareable preview mode – see exactly how each page and question will look in your published consultation
  • Flexible structure – linear, non-linear (‘chaptered’) and skip logic surveys, divided into as many sections as you want
  • Saved questions – central storage bank for standardised or frequently used questions (such as demographics or feedback)
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All-in-one-place control centre

A comprehensive set of tools for tracking, coordinating and auditing all consultation and engagement activity across your organisation. Detailed search and filter options give rapid access to relevant management information.

  • Central consultation database – every engagement activity (including events, paper surveys and other offline response mechanisms) stored in a shared online system
  • 20 ways to filter and sort – including by consultation owner, workflow status, target audience, geographical area and number of responses
  • Customisable management structure – unlimited numbers of departments, teams and admin users for accurate assignment and delegation of activity
  • List export – download a spreadsheet file of any set of consultation listings for simple audits and management reporting
  • Consultation status workflow – from draft to published, forthcoming to closed – even includes ‘invalid’ for activities still waiting for required information

User-friendly response analysis

Meaningful data from all sorts of responses. Qualitative tagging system, quantitative summary reports and top-line statistics dashboards that anyone can use. In-depth results exports for further analysis if required.

  • Response coding – extract and tagging system for identifying recurring themes across free-text responses
  • Automatically-generated PDF reports – professional reports that summarise your responses in data tables and bar charts. Easy to download and share with colleagues.
  • Dedicated ‘analyst’ role – specialist user type for manually adding and analysing responses without giving access to consultation management
  • At-a-glance stats dashboards – total number of responses, completion percentages, instant bar charts for quantitative questions

Integrated feedback tools

Wide range of respondent feedback mechanisms. From outcome summaries to full response publication, closing the consultation loop is built into the system.

  • Innovative 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' feature - gives space for pithy, easily-understood summary of any consultation
  • Response receipts – participants receive a PDF of their response to a consultation
  • Redaction system – simple highlight system on free-text answers for optional redaction. Includes compulsory ‘reason for redaction’ audit log field.
  • Response publishing – full workflow for moderation, approval and publication of responses received. Can be enabled or disabled on each consultation.

Free upgrades, unlimited use

We think you should be able to consult widely and well without being punished with per-user or per-response charges. Simple fixed-price subscription packages include unlimited users, departments, responses and consultations.

  • High performance hosting – all subscription packages include hosting, maintenance and backups, with performance appropriate to the size of your organisation
  • No punitive licensing – the annual subscription allows you any number of users, any number of departments and any number of consultations
  • Free upgrades – cloud-based software. Any time a new feature is added or a new version released, all customers get the benefit at no extra cost
photo of Delib account manager on the phone
photo of Delib account managers
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Unrivalled support

Top-notch support and assistance are part of the package. Customer user group meet-ups, training guides and extensive online knowledge base. Further help always available via your account manager on the phone.

  • Dedicated account management – product training, guidance in consultation and engagement best practice, annual review to assess progress and opportunities
  • Customer user groups – regular opportunities to see examples and discuss best practice with other Citizen Space customers from across the public sector
  • Knowledge base – searchable online repository, containing hundreds of articles packed with useful advice and answers to common questions

The service received from Delib has been outstanding and we would unreservedly recommend them.

Kaja Carson, Policy Manager, Birmingham City Council, UK

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