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Dialogue gives public bodies an opportunity to involve communities in the issues that matter to them. It’s an effective way to get decision-makers and citizens to talk to, listen to and understand each other.

screenshots of Dialogue on desktop, laptop and tablet

Get input from relevant communities

Engage in two-way conversation

Keep processes open and structured

Facilitate easy reporting

Dialogue lets us open up a conversation with the public and hear ideas we just wouldn't get any other way. It's an invaluable addition to our stakeholder engagement activity

Rupert Barry, Digital Communications Officer, Forestry Commission England

Open, constructive conversation

With Dialogue, anyone can take part, at the level that works for them. Create a fully-fledged idea, comment on those from others or quickly add your support to existing contributions.

  • Format keeps conversations on track, encouraging productive engagement.
  • Throw challenges open to all, or invite specific people to a conversation.
  • Perfect for gathering ideas ahead of a decision.
screenshot of Dialogue
screenshot of Dialogue
screenshot of Dialogue

Built for government and public bodies

Dialogue was built specifically for government and public bodies who want to involve their citizens in their decisions.

  • Dialogue has been co-designed with people working in government around the world.
  • Our operations are certified to ISO 27001:2013, the international standard for information security.
  • Colour scheme and theme can be customised to reflect your branding, providing a trusted, professional and credible feel.

Easy management and admin

Dialogue makes your job easier. It’s straightforward to set-up and simple to manage.

  • Moderation tools let you keep conversations on track.
  • A dashboard gives you headline stats at a glance. Export data whenever you want, in a spreadsheet format.
  • No technical expertise required. User-friendly admin tools mean that you can easily review and respond to comments yourself – ensuring there's direct interaction between participants and your organisation.

All the advantages of online engagement

Using Dialogue alongside traditional communication channels ensures you reach as many of those interested in the community as possible.

  • Offers huge potential reach – allowing you to open up participation to a much larger audience.
  • Reach groups who wouldn't otherwise participate – not just those who are in the right place at the right time.
  • Digital tools let you go faster – from public reaction times (you can see and engage with responses instantly) to administration (automation frees you up to work smarter).

Free upgrades, unlimited use

We think you should be able to use Dialogue as much as you need – without being punished with per-user or per-response charges. Simple fixed-price subscription packages include unlimited users, challenges and responses.

  • High performance hosting – all subscription packages include hosting, maintenance and backups, with performance appropriate to the size of your organisation.
  • No punitive licensing – the annual subscription allows you any number of users, challenges and responses.
  • Free upgrades – cloud-based software. Any time a new feature is added or a new version released, all customers get the benefit at no extra cost
photo of Delib account manager on the phone
photo of Delib account managers
photo of Delib consultant helping a customer

Unrivalled support

Top-notch support and assistance are part of the package. This includes customer user group meet-ups, training guides and an extensive online knowledge base. Account managers are also available for specific queries and additional help.

  • Dedicated account management provides training, guidance and consultancy. Our expert staff can help you with best practice and show you how to set up successful challenges.
  • Customer user groups – these regular meetings give customers the chance to see examples, discuss best practise and exchange ideas across organisations.
  • Knowledge base – easy to use online resource packed with useful advice and answers to common questions.

Dialogue enabled people to quickly and easily share and discuss their ideas. We let the conversation flow and the result was hundreds of fantastic ideas and opinions.

Dr Stephen Carr, Corporate Performance Manager, The Highland Council, UK

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