Convene groups.
Hone your proposals.

Engage key groups in your decision. Get structured, constructive input from partners, stakeholders, expert panels, citizens’ assemblies, resident forums and more…

Dialogue gives you an attractive, accessible, accountable online space to facilitate frank conversations. It's a great way to discuss ideas ahead of wider public sharing.

Bring people together

Gather an invited group for a discussion

Put forward proposals

Set a topic; give people the background info

Get rapid feedback

Members submit ideas, ratings and comments

Capture everyone's input

Save and search structured conversations

Explore proposals

Ever wanted to quickly test an idea with an invited audience?

Dialogue lets you sound people out about an issue, or hear their feedback on a draft proposal. And, since you can set up as many groups as you like, there’s no limit on how many concepts you can try out at once.

Expert assistance

Get the subject specialists in the room. Dialogue gives stakeholders a place to talk about your proposals with each other, and with you.

It's interactive and dynamic: think 'conversation', not 'survey'. But it's also more structured than 15 people talking over each other on a video call. It's the easiest way to capture a group discussion loud and clear.

Interactivity without toxicity

Dialogue provides a space where you can manage who is permitted to join.

Registered accounts and moderator approval let you keep the conversation civil: no barrages of anonymous abuse.

Deliberation station

Dialogue puts the discussion in the open: group members can respond to everyone else’s ideas and suggestions.

That gets people reflecting, deliberating and working towards consensus.

And with moderation tools, highlighted admin comments and unlimited Dialogue spaces, you can get involved as well, keeping discussions constructively structured and conversations on track.

Measure engagement

Built-in reporting and analysis functionality lets you easily identify key qualitative themes and generate meaningful quantitative data. Share the findings with colleagues, managers or participants themselves.

Real-time dashboards

Gauge involvement with participation statistics

Email notifications

Automatically update people when someone interacts

Report and export

Create automatic reports or download all your data at any time

Join HMCTS, The City of Edinburgh Council, The Isle of Man Government, The Forestry Commission and The National Assembly for Wales in opening up Dialogue with stakeholders.

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