Open up a public debate.
Get constructive comments.

Engage big audiences with your decisions online.
Invite comments from anyone who wants to participate.

Dialogue gives you an attractive, accessible, accountable online space to facilitate structured conversations at scale. It's a powerful way to connect with potentially thousands of people.

Convene a crowd

Open up a space for public discussion

Pose a topic

Set an issue or theme and give background info

Gather views

Let people submit ideas, ratings and comments

Analyse results

Tag, export and report on your findings

Fast feedback

Make more agile decisions; get public input in minutes, not months.

Policy is being developed faster than ever before. You need to sound out ideas often, and quickly. With Dialogue, you can open up a large-scale debate and start collecting comments on proposals instantly.

New normal, new expectations

The world has changed: online community engagement is vital.

People are demanding more of a say over how their communities are managed. And we're used to using digital technologies for everything. So the public expects to be able to engage with public bodies online.

Interactivity without toxicity

Dialogue puts the discussion in the open: group members can respond to everyone else’s ideas and suggestions.

That gets people reflecting, deliberating and working towards consensus.

And with moderation tools, highlighted admin comments and unlimited Dialogue spaces, you can get involved as well, keeping discussions constructively structured and conversations on track.

Hot button topics

Some issues need everyone's input. Dialogue is a perfect platform for decisions that affect a wide audience.

Government bodies worldwide have used Dialogue to get input on some of the biggest questions facing their citizens: coronavirus response, climate change, hyperlocal democracy, budget planning and more.

Measure engagement

Built-in reporting and analysis functionality lets you easily identify key qualitative themes and generate meaningful quantitative data. Share the findings with colleagues, bosses or participants themselves.

Real-time dashboards

Gauge involvement with participation statistics

Email notifications

Automatically update people when someone interacts

Report and export

Create automatic reports or download all your data at any time

Join the Scottish Climate Assembly, the US Department of Homeland Security, the New Zealand Open Government Partnership, the National Assembly for Wales and the UK Ministry of Justice in opening up a Dialogue on big issues.

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