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Dialogue is a digital platform for building consensus via ideas, comments and ratings in a shared space.

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Screenshot of Scottish Government's Covid 19 conversation using Dialogue (on both a browser and mobile view)

The Dialogue feature that asks 'why is this idea important' is great because it makes the respondent think twice about what they’re saying and then argue the case for their idea. If you look at some of the conversations that went on, that was a big part of why it was successful.

Digital Engagement Team, The Scottish Government

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Talking about decisions, exchanging ideas, listening before acting – these are essential in the everyday functioning of a healthy democracy. Dialogue makes the process easier, more manageable and more useful – whether you've got tens or thousands of participants.


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Government bodies around the world have used Dialogue to run public engagement activities, from national policy discussions with thousands of participants to closed conversations with a handful of specialist stakeholders.

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The platform encourages thoughtful, considered debate more than a standard online survey or poll, and I have found it to also elicit respectful discussions, even when opinions are in conflict. Dialogue is also incredibly easy to understand (for users) and to extract and summarise the contributions (for officials). I love it, and can’t wait to use it in future inquiries!

Senior Researcher, National Assembly for Wales

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