Customer story: London Borough of Haringey Council, UK

Net Zero Simulator
'screenshot of 'London Borough of Haringey Council, UK
'screenshot of 'London Borough of Haringey Council, UK

Informed public feedback

The London Borough of Haringey had prepared a draft Climate Change Action Plan, with the goal of reaching carbon net zero by 2041.

The council wanted citizens to be involved in finalising the Plan: to have a say in how they would prioritise options and services in order to significantly reduce carbon emissions across the borough.

Simulator was a perfect fit

Simulator met exactly the requirements for the prioritisation exercise that Haringey wanted to run.

They mapped out all the actions they knew were necessary to implement the Climate Change Action Plan in full. Then they created a Net Zero Simulator, inviting the public to 'stand in our shoes' and decide how they would allocate council spending, time and effort – specifically, which actions they felt were the most important to act on first.

The project was a significant success. By involving their residents in the challenge, Haringey were able to gather meaningful responses, reflective of the public's true priorities.

As they continued to hone their draft Action Plan, Haringey were able to use the insights gathered through Simulator to inform and shape key decisions.

Guide: how to involve the public in your climate response.

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