Customer story: Province of British Columbia, Canada

Budget Simulator
'screenshot of 'Province of British Columbia, Canada
'screenshot of 'Province of British Columbia, Canada

Difficult decisions to balance the books

British Columbia (BC) was facing a substantial budget deficit, necessitating tough choices in order to close the gaps.

The government of BC wanted to engage the public in this difficult decision-making process about how to balance the books.

British Columbia chose to use Budget Simulator

Budget Simulator lets citizens try their hand at the challenge of balancing a budget, adjusting real data on spending and consequences to reflect their preferences.

We worked with the government of BC to improve their digital public engagement: they used a bespoke version of Budget Simulator to consult on budgets in fiscal years 2012 and 2013. As part of the ‘My B.C. Budget’ project, local stakeholders were set the goal of finding a way to close the gaps identified by government financial reports.

More than 1,500 people took part in the exercise within 24 hours of it going live, and more than 3,000 in total, providing the BC government with valuable insight into citizens' views on spending priorities.

The Delib team have been quick, responsive, collaborative and made a challenging project under tight timelines come together smoothly and effectively

Jamie Edwardson, Director, Communications, Ministry of Finance

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