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Episode 10: End of Year Review

Featuring: Dr Rebecca Rumbul, Dr Nicole Curato, Simon Parker

Delib rounds off Season 1 with a look back at some memorable moments from previous episodes of the Practical Democracy Podcast.

To round up season one of the Practical Democracy podcast we created a bitesized compilation episode featuring some memorable moments that reflected on some of the recurring themes that we kept encountering: technology, human connection and accountability.

Episode 10 transcript

Here's a rough breakdown of timings:

00:42 Dr Rebecca Rumbul

First up is the conversation between Ben and Rebecca Rumbul at My Society about Participatory Budgeting, a small town in Brazil, Citizens Assemblies and what it looks like when you hold power to account.

10:18 Dr Nicole Curato

Next we spoke Sociologist Dr. Nicole Curato about her work and new book, 'Democracy in A time of Misery: From Spectacular Tragedies to Deliberative Action’. In these edited highlights she chatted about natural disasters, the hierarchy of misery and her concept of ‘the deserving victim’.

15:45 Simon Parker

Finally we looked back at our conversation with Simon Parker, the former Corporate Director of Strategy at the London Borough of Redbridge Council, about the Occupy moment and conservative anarchism.

Thank you to all of our brilliant guests: Dr. Rebecca Rumbul, Carl Whistlecraft,  Kate Grigg, Joe Mitchell, Kevin Davies,  Dr Nicole Curato,  Carolyn Hassan, Dr Roslyn Fuller, Bex Rae-Evans, Ed Hammond and Simon Parker.

We will be back with more great guests in 2021. If you have a question or know someone that would make a great interviewee then do get in touch.