Our customers: national health bodies in the UK

Across the UK, Delib tools are the go-to choice for taking public involvement activity online. This includes for major national health bodies, where our digital platforms are trusted to run the end-to-end consultation process – from survey design to response analysis, publishing and feedback.

NHS England

External surveys and internal processes

NHS England want to increase transparency and improve services for patients. As a result, they run a huge number of consultations and surveys all year round. These engage with a diverse range of audiences: from staff to stakeholders to the general public.

These consultations need to be accessible digitally. And, with so much activity happening at any given time, NHS England need a standardised way to keep track of it all. Which is why they've chosen to use Citizen Space: the platform makes it easy to manage, publish and run all their surveys and consultations in one place online.

"We expect all local leaders to be talking to the public and stakeholders regularly – it is vital that people are able to shape the future of their local services."

Spokesperson, NHS England

Department of Health and Social Care

Major public issue consultations

The Department of Health and Social Care use Citizen Space to run their public consultations online – many of which are on topics of significant public interest. Some of these are high-profile, even contentious, issues; others cover more specialised areas. But, whether it's dementia care, adrenaline auto-injectors in schools, the NHS Constitution or the sale of energy drinks to children, it's vital for the Department to get people's input online. And Citizen Space can be trusted, whether the response count is in the dozens or the thousands.

"To establish the best format and remit, we want to hear as many opinions as possible. Our door is open for anyone who wants to discuss the inquiry or raise any concerns"

Spokesperson, Department of Health

NHS Digital

Modernising processes

NHS Digital's remit is to improve health and social care in England by making better use of technology, data and information. Getting input from the people they work with is an essential part of that goal. And, as their name would suggest, it's important for them to be able to hear from stakeholders and the public online.

NHS Digital chose to adopt Citizen Space for their online involvement activity, running surveys and consultations on a wide range of topics relating to national health and social care, as well as customer feedback and satisfaction surveys.

"We will consult widely. This consultation will be open: representations received and judgements made will be shared publicly."

Spokesperson, NHS Digital

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