Our customers: Local Implementation Plans in London

Each London Borough is charged with producing a Local Implementation Plan (LIP), setting out how they will implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy. These are significant plans, shaping priorities for transport in each Borough. As such, it's vital that citizens are consulted. Councils across London are using Delib tools to run their LIPs consultations online. Here are just a few examples:

Lewisham Council

Contextual information alongside questions

As Lewisham Council say themselves, 'we have found that one of the best and most reliable sources of information has been the people who live and work in the borough.' As part of an ongoing programme of consultation, Lewisham are running an online survey to get residents' views on the high-level objectives set out in their LIP. The council has made extensive use of Citizen Space's Fact Bank functionality to provide respondents with detailed background information immediately alongside the questions being asked.

"The council has an excellent consultation and communication function, ensuring the widest range of citizen engagement and use of the most modern media technologies and techniques."

Lewisham Council

London Borough of Hounslow

A user-friendly focus on priorities

The London Borough of Hounslow's online LIP consultation focuses on gauging residents' priorities. With an emphasis on keeping the survey straightforward for participants to complete (including, for example, a simple open-ended question asking 'what is the one issue in your area that you would like us to prioritise?'), they've managed to open up the process to public input in only a handful of questions.

"The draft new Hounslow Transport Strategy (LIP) proposes bold aims for the future of how we travel in Hounslow. The council is keen for our residents to look at the proposals set out in the draft strategy, and most importantly to let us know what you think."

Cabinet member for Transport and Corporate Property, Hounslow Council

London Borough of Sutton

In-depth survey with embedded PDFs

Sutton Council are consulting directly on their Local Implementation Plan (a 70 page document). They've put together an in-depth online survey using Citizen Space. The consultation makes use of a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions, as well as embedded documents, giving participants access to the necessary background information at the point of response.

"We chose Citizen Space because it met the authority╩╝s specific needs at the best value."

Head of Engagement and Equalities, London Borough of Sutton

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