Our customers: local authorities in Scotland

Local authorities across Scotland use Delib tools to manage their consultation activity and engage with citizens. These digital platforms make it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective for councils to take their consultation work online, improving internal processes and public interaction.

Local authorities choose Delib platforms because they're the most purpose-built, user-friendly and accessible way to run and manage their consultation activity online.

Spending priorities

The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council needed to save £67 million from their budget over three years, whilst still making sure they could provide important services. They wanted to ask the public for their ideas on where to invest and save money.

They used Budget Simulator to let citizens try their hand at the challenge of balancing the books, adjusting real data on spending and consequences to reflect their preferences. This approach helped residents to submit considered, informed responses. It also produced a drastic increase in response rate, garnering a 500%+ rise in the number of participants compared with the previous year's budget consultation.

"We want you to be part of this process. Everything you say will be considered as part of the budget process and this invaluable feedback will inform the final budget proposals we’ll be putting to the Council"

Vice Finance Convener, The City of Edinburgh Council

Staff suggestions

The Highland Council

The Highland Council wanted to get staff input into how to make the organisation more commercial and more efficient. But, with many employees working remotely, it was difficult to make effective use of face-to-face engagement.

They chose to use Dialogue after seeing it recommended in a Democratic Society report for the Scottish Government. They opened up a Dialogue challenge to hear people's ideas online and soon received hundreds of constructive suggestions. Some of these proposals were quickly moved forward, including practical measures like the removal of superfluous paper towels – simple changes that instantly began saving the Council money.

"Dialogue enabled people to easily share and discuss their ideas whether they were in HQ or 100 miles away, and at a time that suited them. We let the conversation flow and the result was hundreds of fantastic ideas and opinions."

Corporate Performance Manager, The Highland Council

Coordinating consultation activity

Clackmannanshire Council

Clackmannanshire Council recognised that they could do much better when it came to public engagement. Coordinating all their surveys had proved to be a frustrating, time-consuming task. They wanted a more joined-up approach.

They switched to Citizen Space, which provided the council with one place to manage all their consultation activity online. In their own words, adopting Citizen Space "has made us think differently about the way we engage with our stakeholders and residents." They have since developed a consultation toolkit and started running consultation training for staff. They reported a positive effect on the council’s culture, expectations and proficiency when engaging with residents.

"Citizen Space has been a breath of fresh air and nudged us to re-think the way we engage…It’s a great tool supported by a very proactive and knowledgeable team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to organisations wanting to improve the way they consult."

Performance & Information Officer, Clackmannanshire Council

Public conversations on budgets

Scottish Borders Council

The Scottish Borders Council needed to make savings and wanted to open up a conversation with citizens about the budget challenge they faced. They were seeking a way of involving and consulting the public to gain insights into areas where money might be saved.

They chose to use Dialogue, which enabled them to engage citizens effectively online about possible budget savings. The platform provided them with a convenient way of hearing from the public, making it easy for people to submit ideas on possible savings and efficiencies.

"it is vital that we get residents’ views on how frontline services could be changed, improved or delivered differently to help us save money. We want to know what services are priorities for our residents, where they could do without, or with less, or would be happy to pay a little more."

Executive Member for Finance, Scottish Borders Council

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