Our customers: health in Australia

Across Australia, public sector health organisations at every level use Delib tools to manage and run their involvement activity, online. These digital platforms bring convenience and coordination to otherwise complex tasks, making it easy for healthcare bodies to engage digitally with patients, the public and stakeholders.

Organisations like these use Delib tools because they're the most flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to run digital consultation and involvement activity.

National health bodies

Draft Charter of Aged Care Rights: hearing from multiple stakeholders

When the Australian Government Department of Health drafted a charter outlining the rights of aged care consumers, they wanted to make sure all parties affected had opportunity to give input. They were keen to hear from care recipients, families and carers and from service providers, consumer organisations and advocacy groups. So they opened up a wide-reaching consultation, using Citizen Space to let people respond online.

"Having a shared understanding between people receiving care and aged care providers helps everyone to work together to achieve safe, high-quality aged care…It is vital aged care consumers have an opportunity to provide input."

Ken Wyatt AM, Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care

Other national health issues where our tools have been used include:

  • Pregnancy Care Guidelines Review
  • Establishing a National Men's Health Strategy for 2020 to 2030
  • Housing, homelessness and mental health
  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Monitoring and Reporting Framework
  • Specialist Dementia Care Units
  • Engage and Participate in Mental Health

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State health bodies and local hospitals

Cancer prevention in WA: large scale engagement on a vital issue

The Western Australia (WA) Department of Health used Citizen Space to gather information online for their report on cancer control. Hundreds of responses from a wide range of participants allowed them to add rich qualitative evidence to their statistical findings, and to identify some key themes in public understanding of cancer prevention.

"This consultation process has generated momentum in bringing together a range of organisations and individuals, including the general public, to discuss cancer prevention in WA."

Chief Health Officer's report, Government of Western Australia Department of Health

Other state health and local hospital issues where our tools have been used include:

  • Child Health Service Evaluation Survey – Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services
  • Digital North Ideas Generator – Metro North Hospital and Health Services
  • Brisbane South PHN-MSH Older Persons Health and Wellness Strategy - Metro South Hospital and Health Services
  • Destination 2030: Strategic documents consultation – Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services
  • The Prince Charles Hospital Patient Experience Survey – Metro North Hospital and Health Services
  • First Interim State Public Health Plan – Government of Western Australia Department of Health

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