Our customers: government bodies in Wales

Government bodies at every level use Delib tools to involve people in decision-making, online. Our digital platforms increase efficiency, effectiveness and ease, taking the stress out of consultation management and boosting public engagement.

Organisations like these use our platforms because they're the most comprehensive, user-friendly and cost-effective way to run digital consultation and engagement activity.

Central government

National Assembly for Wales: scrutiny evidence

In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the National Assembly for Wales began considering options around the future support for agriculture, land management and rural communities in Wales. The Assembly set out to gather robust evidence to present to the Scrutiny Committee.

They chose to open up the conversation to the public, online – using Dialogue to set a challenge and invite people to submit their ideas. By using an effective and engaging online platform, the Welsh Assembly were able to add to their body of evidence to present to the Scrutiny Committee, with dozens of ideas and comments from people with a stake in the decisions under consideration.

“The platform encourages thoughtful, considered debate more than a standard online survey or poll, and I have found it to also elicit respectful discussions, even when opinions are in conflict. Dialogue is also incredibly easy to understand (for users) and to extract and summarise the contributions (for officials). I love it, and can’t wait to use it in future inquiries!"

Senior Researcher, National Assembly for Wales

Local government

Powys County Council: opening up spending decisions

Facing severe cuts (needing to find savings of a huge £27m over three years), Powys County Council were aware of the critical importance of consulting the public on their budget.

They chose to use Budget Simulator to provide an engaging digital response mechanism for their 2016/17 budget consultation. They triangulated their Budget Simulator results with findings from other research to increase the depth of information available to their decision-making process.

And the results they collected genuinely informed substantive decisions that the Council made. For example, following the consultation process, they heeded a strong public preference to sustain the budget for short breaks for children with disabilities.

"This is a different style exercise for residents to try. The information provided via Budget Simulator will prove valuable for both the cabinet and the council as it will show where residents think the savings should be made in order to achieve the £27m target."

Cabinet Member for Finance, Powys County Council

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