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So what's it like to work at Delib?

We figured the best way to answer that was to ask the people doing the day-to-day stuff in Delib. Here's what they had to say…

It’s incredibly refreshing to be part of a company that trusts you to work autonomously - I felt like I was a valued member of the team from day one. I think that freedom, and the fact that we are working towards something important, keeps everyone motivated and passionate about their roles.

Eli, Content Design

It's difficult to explain working at Delib without sounding cheesy, but the people are important. It's fun and informal but you can tell we're all doing serious stuff to improve democracy.

Katherine, Account Management

I'm really interested in the fact that the tools are built around digital democracy. I want to care about the work I'm doing and for it to mean something.

Adam, Engineering

What I love about Delib is there is a no-job-too-small or no-one-is-lesser attitude. There is respect for every role at every level, because we know that it takes a lot of different people and skills to make something excellent.

Kim, Studio Management

The company culture is relaxed and flexible, compared with previous places I've worked that have been quite corporate.

It's different to other companies because it feels more human - perhaps that's a benefit of it being a smaller company. I'm busier than I've ever been but less stressed because I have autonomy and am trusted to just get on with things.

Natalie, Account Management

I like that I'm doing work that's meaningful. Knowing I’m doing good gives each day a real sense of purpose. My input and ideas are genuinely valued, rather than just being ‘passed up the chain’ and getting lost along the way.

Dani, Comms

I like the fact that I'm treated like a human being here and not just a resource. You're not going to get lost in the masses here.

Shaney, Engineering

I'm impatient and want to be good at my job straight away, despite having a lot more to learn; the culture at Delib made me want to stay with the company and learn.

Jessie, Account Management

Working at Delib is really interesting - I’m always learning and having to adapt. The culture is relaxed and collaborative and I find it really gratifying that my work and advice has an immediate and direct impact on the business.

Deborah, Legal

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