We've helped more than 80 organisations engage citizens
on over £60bn of budgets. Here's how...

Using Delib...we opened the biggest budget conversation the city has seen.
Residents have come forward and offered constructive suggestions for what they
would like to see in the budget, and we've taken those into account.

Bill Randall, Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, UK
East Dunbartonshire logo

East Dunbartonshire Council, Scotland, UK

Involving the Public in Tough Decisions on Challenging Budget Cuts

screenshot of East Dunbartonshire Budget Simulator screenshot of East Dunbartonshire Budget Simulator

What East Dunbartonshire wanted

The Council needed to make substantial savings: some £20 million over three years. They wanted to ensure citizens were involved in this decision-making activity and so set out on a comprehensive 'Your Services, Your Choices' budget consultation.

How we helped

We supplied East Dunbartonshire with a 'savings-only' Budget Simulator. Residents could adjust sliders to reduce spending in different service areas by between 0% and 60% – encouraging deliberation around the hard choices facing the Council.

I’d encourage everyone to visit this online budget setting tool and see where they would find the £20 million we still need to save over the next three years. We really want to hear everyone’s views on where they think these savings can be made and whether there might be alternatives to these.

Rhondda Geekie, Council Leader, East Dunbartonshire Council

Liverpool City Council Logo

Liverpool City Council, UK

City-wide Budget Engagement via
Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

Screenshots of Liverpool Budget Simulator

What Liverpool wanted

Liverpool wanted a responsive and mobile budget consultation to ensure maximum citizen participation in a time of budget austerity.

How we helped

We provided Liverpool with Budget Simulator, which works across computers, smartphones and tablets, ensuring maximum possible participation.

This online tool simulates the difficult decisions that we will have to make...
...it gives us valuable feedback on what people see as
the priorities for spending over the next year.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, UK

Government of British Columbia (B.C.)

British Columbia, Canada

Province Engaged Citizens to Close Budget Gap

Screenshots of British Columbia Budget Simulator

What British Columbia wanted

The British Columbia government wanted to engage local stakeholders to help close an unprecedented gap in the province's finances.

How we helped

We worked with the British Columbia government to create an online budget simulator that enabled citizens to identify where money should be raised and allocated.

The Delib team have been quick, responsive, collaborative...
...made a challenging project under tight timelines
come together smoothly and effectively.

Jamie Edwardson, Director, Communications, Ministry of Finance, Government of BC, Canada

You need online budget engagement to be effective, meaningful and convenient

How Delib can Help

✔ Budget simulation tools   ✔ Participatory Budgeting   ✔ Formal budget consultations
  ✔ Budget engagement   ✔ Prioritising services

Proven Track Record

✔ Established 2004   ✔ Trusted by Governments around the world   ✔ Experts in budget engagement

We were looking for a simple and engaging way to help our residents understand the issues we faced setting our budget and to find out what their priorities were. Delib offered the perfect solution.

Anne Tansley Thomas, Senior Consultation & Involvement Officer, Norfolk County Council, UK

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