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We're Hiring: Operations Administrator - Platform

Do you find a deep satisfaction in keeping things running smoothly? Are you always the one who sorts out splitting the bill in restaurants? Have you ever arranged your bookshelf alphabetically? If so we probably want to hear from you.

We're looking for someone to help us: look after the critical services and suppliers on which our platform depends; and keep an eye on how our platform is working and how it's being used.

The right person for the job will be someone who gets a kick out of helping others do their jobs by keeping things running along smoothly.

Why are we looking for someone?

We have a lot of plates to spin, and a lot of the spinning is currently done by our product engineers, studio manager, director of delivery and managing director. But there are things we'd like to do better, and there are things we'd like to do that we aren't doing at all at the moment. This role will help us to move faster, make improvements, and innovate by having someone we can rely on to help make things happen.

What does it involve?

There are two main focus points:

  • End to end management of critical suppliers, and
  • Assessing how our platform is used and how it's working for us and our customers

Managing our supply chain and critical suppliers

We need someone to take over the end-to-end management and oversight of critical suppliers. For existing ones, that's things like: ensuring we're on the right package/plan, identifying and solving any issues or incidents with their service, communicating any changes, keeping on top of what we're spending, and managing how we use features and get the most value from our supply chain.

For new suppliers who could be of benefit to us, or to our customers using our platform, it'll mean: identifying potential new suppliers or tools, giving them the once-over, vetting them, working out how to integrate those tools with our product, and then helping to make them fully operational inside Delib.

Assessing our platform performance and use

The other part of your job will be obtaining and monitoring metrics about the platform, getting a feel for what's "normal" and raising any anomalies. It means helping us to answer questions like: 'are the updates we're making improving things for our customers, and where?' and 'what can we see going on that might point us towards making an intervention for the better in that area?'.

This kind of information will help us to do targeted work, to make sure our platform is really working at its best for our customers and for the millions of people who interact with Citizen Space sites around the world.

About you

With these two core pillars of work in mind, we're looking for someone who is:

  • Methodical
  • Diligent
  • Technically literate, with some familiarity with the basics of how internet and web services work
  • Concerned about details being accurate and precise
  • Able to spin multiple plates and prioritise effectively
  • Has experience managing suppliers
  • Can get up to speed with essential requirements for privacy, data protection and security
  • A clear writer and communicator, and has solid numeracy skills

You will need to work across the company and communicate with everyone, but the role primarily sits within engineering. It is a reasonably technical role for someone who is confident in managing internet services and comfortable talking to suppliers. Ideally we’d like someone who has some scripting or no-code configuration experience to hook things up together but this is not essential.

Prior experience working in a SaaS business is not required. Prior experience managing the suppliers we use is not required, as long as you have some relevant previous experience such as dealing with Infrastructure as a Service suppliers or similar.

It will really help if you can get things communicated and understood clearly, with a light touch, and a decent dose of common sense, good humour, and pragmatism.

You'll have a lot on your to-do list at any given moment so you need to be able to self-manage, prioritise tasks and be realistic about your workload (there's always more work to be done than time, so which tasks can we not do?)

Your future at Delib

We're looking for someone who can help us now and in the future, so - if it's desired - this job offers significant potential for progression. While some of us have been doing bits of this role ad hoc, this is the first specific job of this kind in Delib, so there is an opportunity to build and grow both your skills and the role itself:


  • Obtaining transferable skills in the supplier ecosystems, notably AWS, but we also use multiple other suppliers which are industry standard that would provide skills which would be valued elsewhere
  • We can provide training in agile and lean methodologies and tools
  • We can provide an exposure to practical software engineering, to customer success work, and to the innovation / change-making elements of Delib

For candidates with an interest and skills in any of the following, we can encourage and develop skills in:

  • Data analytics and data visualisation
  • Use of no-code platforms for automation of tasks and integrations of third-party services, without requiring an engineer
  • Compliance, security and privacy regimes around the world
  • Applying user experience and design skills to produce systems and workflows that help staff get things done
  • Financial management and reporting

Leadership and growth

  • Being involved in hiring and training further operations staff if the company grows
  • For people who demonstrate leadership skills and interest, there is the potential of leading this area of the business (we recognise that not everyone is suited to or wants to do this)

What is Delib?

Founded in 2001, we're helping our customers modernise democratic processes using digital methods. It's a very specialist thing to be doing, and we're a world leader at it.

We're a distributed company. Delib was founded in the UK, and management, engineering, legal and HR are still based from there. The majority of our staff are distributed across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

This is what some of us think about working here.


Anywhere in the UK. Proximity to our HQ in Bristol is a bonus, but not essential. You do need to be able to travel from time to time for work, this may be to Bristol or other places that we choose to meet. At a guess this might be once a month at most. We like seeing each other when we can and when it fits with our varied schedules.

Salary and Role

This is a permanent role, advertised on a full-time basis with some flexibility for the right candidate.

We're offering £27k-35k initially depending on experience. There is significant room to grow the salary by taking on responsibility and developing expertise and we regularly review salaries in line with how people are doing.

Recruitment Process

If you're interested, please send your CV and most importantly your cover letter so that we can understand a little more about you and why you want the role. You can send them directly to Kim at

Our hiring process involves a short phone interview, followed by a longer video interview, then a paid trial day, to determine a good fit for both parties.

We follow personnel security standards equivalent to UK Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work); and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

We do not accept applications from recruitment agencies.


Location Bristol, UK / work-from-home UK

Salary range £27k-35k

Closing date 15 July 2022

Privacy for job applicants

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