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We're hiring! Entry-level content designer - UK

What’s the role?

Help bring Delib’s technology to life for people and organisations who may struggle to understand its potential.

Inventing the future can involve a leap in thinking which is difficult at the best of times, but is even harder when someone has the pressure of everyday work to deal with. Showing them mockups that solve their problem makes it easier for them to buy.

So what is a mockup? Simply, you’ll need to take the customer’s activity and replicate it on one of Delib’s platforms - show not tell. It’s a great way to sell, but it is also an expensive way to sell, and therefore the work requires extreme attention to detail, accuracy, diligence and efficiency.

A lot of the work is what you might loosely describe as translation. Delib’s potential customers are public institutions, accustomed to producing a lot of materials for public input that reflect a largely 20th century approach to publishing information. This isn’t a reflection on public officials, who do a good job in difficult circumstances, but it is most definitely a reflection on the need to improve how our public institutions engage citizens.

As such, we’re looking for someone well versed in digital, who can take institutional materials and translate them to be more accessible and engaging using Delib’s tech platforms. We find that someone can create a detailed mockup in 2 days and we’d therefore expect a minimum of 2 per week, allowing for research and revisions.

The work is currently being undertaken by our commercial consultants, which isn’t sustainable, but has allowed us to solidify the role, develop standards, and learn how to train others to do it. Specifically the job involves:

  • Receive a brief from a commercial consultant, and then work autonomously and independently to create an example that meets Delib’s sandbox / mockup creation policy
  • Research the published content and activity of the potential customer, along with any specific content provided by the commercial consultant
  • Configure the sandbox landing page and any additional project specific landing pages, using templates
  • Take branding guidelines or existing branding elements found online, and apply to the sandbox site
  • Build an example exercise, within the sandbox site, that directly relates to an example they’ve already run or have live. This will be based / translated from a real exercise and the associated materials, likely to include: documents and maps, or taken from an alternative supplier's platform.
  • Be creative; it needs to inspire people to make a purchase
  • The content must be accessible and not infringe on copyright
  • Create accurate records of all work using existing Delib systems and tools

What is content design?

'Content designer' was listed as one of the top 15 emerging jobs in the UK for 2020. Content design blends writing, analytical, design, emotional and persuasion skills, with the aim of creating a great experience for users.

Who are you?

This is an ideal role for entry to digital from full-time education, alternative employment or being out of the employment market - although you must have previous employment experience (in any industry).

Hiring for this role is based on skill and interest, not education or previous digital industry experience, and we’d like to hear from you if you meet some of the following criteria:-

  • Haven’t had the chance or can’t afford to do internships
  • Are someone who shows potential but hasn't had a chance to realise it yet
  • Someone starting out in their digital career
  • Motivated, have something to prove
  • Want to learn about content design for complicated processes
  • Want to learn how to use commercially-savvy design skills to earn tangible, monetary results
  • Interested in democracy, government service design, and doing work that matters with people who care

We encourage applications from those who feel locked out of traditional routes into the digital industry.

A higher education degree is not a requirement for this role.

Delib will provide all the tools necessary to set up the right candidate on successful hire, including (but not limited to) a Delib-provided laptop for completing work, and an allowance for setting up a suitable workspace at home if applicable.

We operate a name-blind hiring policy so all applications will be anonymised until the point of interview.


This job is very suitable for working at home from anywhere in the UK.

If you are unable to work at home, our UK office is in central Bristol, so you'd need to be within commuting distance of that.

Why is Delib hiring?

Quite simply, we need to expand the number of mockups we can create to support the launch of Delib’s new product: Citizen Space Geospatial, which is proving to be extremely popular. We don’t know whether this is a long term trend or a short one, but whilst demand is high Delib needs more people, pronto.

That being said, this role is permanent rather than temporary, and the skills are intended to be useful in the long term.

What is Delib?

Delib is a well-established company. This isn't a fly-by-night, dump-and-run operation - we're looking for people to join us for the long haul. Here's what Delib people think about working here.

We're helping our customers modernise democratic processes using digital methods, it's a very specialist thing to be doing, and we're a world leader at it.

What’s it like working at Delib?

We have a nice office in central Bristol, but unsurprisingly it's not seeing much use at the moment. Most of Delib's staff live in or within easy reach of Bristol, but we also have people in Edinburgh, in Canberra in Australia, and in Christchurch and Wellington in New Zealand.

We do all try to get together for company events a few times a year, including our Southern Hemisphere counterparts if we can wrangle it. Some of these are ‘away days’, where we go away overnight for some concentrated training or design sessions (and optional socialising in between).

We also have an annual two-night summer break which is very much not work. This is optional too (it's definitely not enforced corporate ‘fun’) and you can be as active or as chilled, as extroverted or introverted as you want.

We're still figuring out what form these will take in a post-Covid world, but we're determined to make something work. We find that relaxed social time together is one of the easiest ways to develop trust and maintain an effective, non-toxic company culture.

What do I get paid?

Starting salary £18.5k (living wage). This is a beginner role and salary reflects that, with potential to increase to £22.5k with experience.

Interested? Apply now

To apply, follow this link and complete the application form.

We follow the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work); and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

No applications will be accepted via recruitment companies.

Location Bristol, UK / work-from-home UK

Salary range £18k-22k

Closing date 11 June 2021

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