Customer story: Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science, AU

Consultation Process
'screenshot of 'Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science, AU
'screenshot of 'Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science, AU

Moving to a 'digital-first' approach

The Australian Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science uses Citizen Space to run a variety of external and internal consultations. Endorsed by their executive, the department’s use of the tool has only continued to grow since its initial adoption.

For instance, they used the platform to run a series of internal ‘ways of working’ surveys. The aim of these surveys was to determine how different members of staff liked to work in order to inform how their new work space would look.

The consultation helped to identify how different individuals liked to work across different divisions and in different roles in the organisation. Using Citizen Space’s survey cloning feature, the department was able to create the survey and clone it for each additional division. This helped ensure that the data was kept separate across the different divisions being consulted with. The data was also broken down by staff role – meaning the department could look for similarities in how, say, project officers liked to work.

The department was also able to take advantage of Citizen Space’s private consultation feature in order to run the consultations. An additional benefit of running these internal ‘ways of working’ surveys on the platform was how it helped to promote the use of Citizen Space internally: the department saw a noticeable spike in the use of Citizen Space following the initial phase of the project – with the message of ‘digital first’ being seen and reinforced by the whole department.

Thorough consultation, substantive change

The consultation outcome helped the team shape the way that their offices are fitted out. The project was able to move a whole floor or division out, consult and see their preferences before taking into account the feedback and moving them back in. Depending on the staff preferences identified through the survey, each office was fitted with different desks and layout.

This program and series of changes were designed to help to improve the health of workers – to ensure they have sufficient breaks, the work setup they need and are supported in managing an appropriate work-life balance.

I'd actually have to say that getting the Citizen Space consultation hub up and running and educating people in a more online space has been the best project I've worked on at the department. Showing them the benefits of consulting digitally and educating our staff on the benefits of a digital-first focus has been exciting.

Glen Cowling, Digital Online Communications Officer, The Australian Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

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